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Chrome & Multiple accounts


Google's Chrome web browser is automatically installed on all Hesston College PC's. You may want to also install it on personal devices.

You may wish to sign in to Chrome with your account, and you can choose what settings, if any, are sync'd from Chrome to your account. This can be convenient as these same settings are then available on any other system where you log into Chrome. (eg: bookmarks sync'd between multiple computers.)  

Please be careful where you choose to log into Chrome, however, as it can make it easier for someone else to access your account if they have access to the computer.

You may also want to add extensions to Chrome. Again, please be cautious about what extensions you install, as they are regularly the source of malicious access to accounts or compromising computers.

Multiple Accounts

Many of us have personal GMail accounts, and having access to multiple accounts makes switching between them very easy.

How to use multiple accounts in Gmail