Outlook Users
Here are some tips for making the switch from Microsoft Outlook® to Google Apps. 

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Switching from Microsoft Outlook®
Life After Microsoft Outlook®

Quickly learn to accomplish some of the same tasks in Gmail that you're used to doing in Outlook.

Print this guide out and keep it handy as you begin using Gmail.
 Import your data Import your mail, contacts, calendars, and notes from your old Exchange profile or PST file.
What's not available in Gmail See features you might be used to in Outlook mail  that aren't in Gmail.
Switching form Microsoft Outlook®: Gmail and Calendar

Self-paced training (short clips - 1 hour total) A comprehensive introduction to switching from Microsoft Outlook® to Google Apps. Covers threaded email conversations, contacts, labels, mail filters, calendar events, syncing events from Outlook, and more.

<<REMOVE the section below if NO users will be using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Note that before people can use this plug-in, you must enable Google Apps Sync for your domain.>>

Synchronizing with Outlook
Want to keep using Outlook for awhile? Try Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®.
  1. Install Google Apps Sync on your own computer.

  2. Learn to use Google Apps Sync.
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® is a plug-in for Outlook 2002, 2007, or 2010 that syncs mail, calendar events, contacts, and notes between Outlook and your Google Apps account.