Uninstall Lotus Traveler

To uninstall Lotus Notes Traveler from your Android device, you need to first of all remove Traveler from your 'device administrators' list.  If you don’t do this the uninstall will fail.
To do this go to…
    Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Select device Administrators.
    Menu > Settings > Security > Device Administrators
Then you should be able to complete the uninstall normally depending on your version of Android.
It will warn about removing all data - this refers to all Lotus data, and you should select 'OK'.

Apple iOS:
To uninstall Traveler accounts, you need to remove the Hesston.edu iOS profile.
To do this go to…
    Settings > General > Profiles (scroll to the bottom) > Select your Hesston.edu profile and select 'remove'.
This will remove the mail/calendar/contacts account and all data in those accounts.

Mail clients connecting to IMAP:
You should disable or remove IMAP accounts connecting to Notes.Hesston.edu and instead follow the instructions for connecting to your new Google account.