Switching from Lotus Notes®
Here are some tips for making the switch from Lotus Notes® to Google Apps.
Life After Lotus Notes®

(PDF) Quickly learn to accomplish some of the same tasks in Gmail and Google Calendar that you're used to in Lotus Notes®. Also includes power tips.

Read this reference guide out, and even bookmark it for quick reference as you learn to use Google Apps!
Worth Noting: IT will coordinate the automatic migration your personal contacts and calendar events from Lotus Notes along with Mail.
Removing Lotus Notes / Traveler: Once you've migrated to Google you should also connect your mobile devices to Google services (Mobile Setup) and uninstall Lotus Traveler. Lotus Notes on your college desktop will remain for accessing your archive files in an offline mode.
Archiving Lotus Notes: Once you've completely migrated to Google, you should also archive your Lotus Notes mailbox on your college desktop, so it will remain available in an offline mode.
Signing in with Conflicting Accounts:

(More technical information about conflicts)
If you have used your @Hesston.edu email address to create a Google account on your own, then you have conflicting accounts. You will be prompted to rename your personal Google account the next time you sign in to it. All data within your personal account will remain in the account when it's renamed.
Note that you have full control over the renaming process; administrators don't participate in this process. If you have added your @Hesston.edu address as an alternate email address (or email alias) in any personal Google accounts, the alias is removed from the personal accounts and you will see notification of this change the next time you sign-in.
In either case above, you will be required to log into the conflicting account first, before accessing your new @Hesston.edu Google Apps account.