Hesston URLs & Settings

If you're already familiar with Google Apps, and are ready to get started with your Hesston College account, you'll need some URLs and Basic Settings.


  • We will post all bulk/mass communications to this log for your reference, to ensure the legitimacy of any email communication you receive regarding this transition. 

Google Apps URLs:

Password requirements:

  • Password length minimum: 10 characters
  • Password changes should be made on:
      an HC (main campus) computer (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
      through our password change form.

Configuration suggestions: 
If you don't have a preference on where to start, use these as your starting points

  • Desktop  - we will be installing both of these automatically it on all college systems
    • Use the Desktop Apps (on Windows systems)
    • Consider using Chrome as your default browser
  • Mobile
    • Add your new Google account per the "Mobile Setup" instructions for your device
    • Consider using the Gmail App on your mobile device for mail (if so, disable just mail sync for the mail, calendar, contacts account if you're on Apple iOS or older Androids that don't use the GMail app by default.)
Student or personal device software options
(Employee systems are managed by IT):